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🖤 ASHEN ultimate real feel charcoal brushes for Procreate

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by lysified

A long awaited set that has been in the works for more than half a year, that took me hours upon hours to perfect, and also learn how to use charcoal myself. These brushes are made from real life materials, and with lots of love and thought behind them on how you would use them. You are not only getting brushes that are suitable for charcoal look, but also since we are using a digital medium, they are perfect for all your juicy powdery looking illustrations that you are doing. ✨

What you will get:

  • 27 real feel charcoal brushes for Procreate
  • Charcoal paper overlay
  • Written quick reference guide
  • My take on the brushes / brush usage guide (video, 23m)
  • Charcoal sketching tutorial (video, 11m)
  • In-depth shading tutorial (video, 25m)
  • Commercial license
  • Sketches and references for drawing tutorials (public and full version both)

Check out the video tutorial on YouTube if you want to see the brushes being swatched on screen in the beginning!


The brushes are made for procreate only, they will not work in any other program. No refunds on digital products. They are free to use in your commercial projects as well, but you are not allowed to resell the set in any shape or form, for more, please do check the license attached to your download. You are not to reupload this product to anywhere even with the commercial license - if you'd like to share, please share my link instead.

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The ultimate charcoal experience for all skill levels!

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🖤 ASHEN ultimate real feel charcoal brushes for Procreate

9 ratings
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